Do All Businesses Need Commercial Insurance?

Does my business need commercial insurance? This is one of the frequently asked questions from our Bourbonnais, IL clients. Unknown to them that accidents happen all the time, and they can happen to any small or big business. Without commercial insurance, you pay for damages caused by accidents out of pocket. The truth is some perils can bring a standstill to your business if the resulting injuries or damage are heavy.

Because businesses operate in a risky environment, George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc emphasizes the need for commercial insurance for all companies. Let’s look at why your business needs commercial insurance.

  • It’s required by law: Your state will likely require some aspects of commercial insurance. For instance, Illinois requires business owners to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees.
  • It protects your employees: Workers’ compensation insurance comes in handy when employees suffer work-related illnesses or injuries. The benefits include medical care, missed work wages, or funeral benefits in case of death.
  • It builds business credibility: Commercial insurance protects your business and sends a message to your investors and customers. Most customers want to associate with a company that manages their risks and provides proper protection in case of an accident.
  • Gives you peace of mind: Commercial insurance offers you all the peace to focus on business development as a business owner. With coverage options like property insurance and business liability, you have peace of mind knowing your policy will cover you financially when the worst happens.

Commercial Insurance in Bourbonnais, IL 

Commercial insurance is vital for running a business, regardless of the industry. It helps protect your hard-earned business, so you don’t get into a financial disaster if an accident occurs. If you are looking for commercial insurance in Bourbonnais, IL, and its surroundings, look no further than George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. Please contact us today for an affordable quote.