Renters insurance terminology

When it comes to renters insurance, it is good to know the meaning of some terms you will hear when buying a policy. Replacement cost and actual cash value are two big ones, and there is the idea of agreed to value.  The George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc in Bourbonnais, IL wants you to understand the differences and can help you find the insurance you need.

Actual cash value is what an item is worth today. Replacement cost is what it would cost to replace the item, meaning a new one. An $800 couch, for instance, would be worth much less if it was three years old. If you have a loss, you would have to get a new couch and the actual cash value would leave you having to pay the difference. For some items, like antiques, you may have an agreed to value in your policy, which is something you agree on when you get the policy.

You need to have receipts and lists of your possessions that would have some value. Renters insurance covers those items, but if you cannot prove you had them, you may not get as much from a claim. Sometimes insurance companies give you a set amount, or a portion, and the rest after you make the purchases to replace what was lost. Often you have to prove you replaced the item to get the final payment, but there are policies that do not have that requirement.

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