Have a Fireplace? Reduce the Risk of Accidental Fire

If you have a home with a fireplace, chances are you appreciate the warmth and charm it adds to your living environment. At the same time, you may have concerns about your fireplace causing an accidental fire. A home insurance policy from George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group, Inc., in Bourbonnais, IL, will protect you against injuries or damage from fire. The following fireplace safety tips can help prevent accidental fireplace-induced fires from occurring on your property.   

1. Have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned by professionals every year before using. A professional inspection will ensure your fireplace is up to par for the winter season.

2. Keep your fireplace clean at all times by removing ashes, vacuuming debris and washing fireplace floor and walls on a regular basis. Clearing flammable materials from your fireplace reduces the risk of accidental fires.  

3. Use only seasoned firewood in your fireplace to avoid creosote buildup on your chimney that could accidentally catch on fire.

4. Avoid using liquid accelerates such as gasoline to start a fire as accidental spills could result in your house catching on fire.

5. Don’t leave children or pets alone with a fire or leave your fire unattended for any length of time as it could lead to accidental fire.

6. Use a fire screen as protection against sparks or embers escaping from the fireplace and catching surrounding furnishings on fire. A fire screen will also keep kids and pets at a safe distance from the fire.

7. Extinguish your fire completely before retiring for the night.  

8. Make sure your home has working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to warn you of a house fire.

These fire safety tips combined with adequate insurance coverage from George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group, Inc., will keep your Bourbonnais, IL, home safe from the dangers of fire.