What Are Some Tips For Saving On Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycles are relatively affordable, but they are also very risky to insure. If you have one in your garage, there’re steps you can take steps to ease the burden on your wallet. Consider investing in a quality motorcycle insurance policy. 

Motorcycle insurance rates depend on various factors, including your age, the type of motorcycle you ride, your previous driving record, and the risk your insurer perceives from your profile. Do you live in Bourbonnais, IL? Get in touch with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. 

Saving on Motorcycle Insurance 

Taking precautions to stay safe on the road, publishing your policy details, and working with an insurer that offers a discount for motorcycle safety classes are just a few ways to save on motorcycle insurance. Many insurers issue a discount if you buy a policy online instead of by phone. Some insurers offer a discount if you take a motorcycle safety class. Others offer a discount if you purchase a policy for a specific time. Ask your insurer about all of the options that may apply to you. Tips to save on motorcycle insurance: 

  • Join the club 
  • Infrequent rider discount 
  • Drop full coverage 
  • Choose the right bike 
  • Raise your deductible 
  • Ask about discounts 
  • Get additional coverage for extras 

Also, consider any discounts available, such as a Good Driver Discount or a policy for Motorcycle Only use. Lastly, if you ever plan on letting someone else ride your motorcycle, like your spouse, make sure they have the correct insurance. Uninsured Motorists Insurance may be required in your state, but it is often not something people think about when letting a family member drive their car. 


Motorcycles tend to be more expensive to insure than cars due to their smaller size and higher repair costs. Shop for the best rate, and consider going with a driver’s education course over traditional insurance. Find out if your motorcycle is eligible for discounts, such as anti-theft devices. Stay accident-free, maintain adequate liability coverage, and maintain your bike to keep your insurance rates low. For expert help, call Bourbonnais, IL firm, George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc.