RV Modifications and Coverage

In the world of vehicle insurance, coverage policies typically assume that a policyholder’s vehicle is a standard issue design and construction from the manufacturer. This tends to make generating insurance polices far easier since manufacturing information can be preloaded into an insurer’s calculations for risk, and the only variable is then the risk and behavior of the driver. However, when a vehicle is modified, that changes the nature of the risk formula and introduces new variables not previously calculated. As a result, an insurer needs to use a policy that acknowledge the changes from original equipment manufacturing design to what the vehicle is now. RVs are no exception to this situation.

It is the responsibility of the RV owner to make sure the insurer is aware that the given RV has been modified and how. Otherwise, the insurer could very well deny a claim for damage outright when the changes are found after the fact during an accident review. Notice is not a bad thing; it gives the insurer a chance to look at the modification and determine what, if anything, changes in the coverage mix. In many cases, very little change occurs at all because most modifications tend to be cosmetic and don’t affect the operating road performance of the RV. However, the review also ensures such changes are captured and specified in the insurance policy drafted so there’s no mistake as to what is covered when it’s time to file a claim.

For RV owners in Illinois and the Bourbonnais, IL region, George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc has been working for years with RV owners of all types. They’ve seen and handled both default manufactured RVs and custom jobs. Their staff can easily answer most questions regarding how modifications are covered as well as how a coverage policy will work. Give them a call to find out more information.