How To Stay Healthy Over Winter

With the bitter cold of winter approaching quickly, George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc wants to make sure our customers in and around Bourbonnais, IL prepare for the potential health issues this season can bring. With the right preventative measures, you could avoid, or at least lessen the effects of, health complications such as colds, influenza, and hypothermia.

Preventing A Cold

While there is no way to completely stop a cold, there are many steps you can take to lessen your risks. These steps can also lower your recovery time when you do get sick. Wash your hands often with hot water and soap and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Support your immune system by eating healthy, nutritious foods and getting regular sleep and exercise. Medicine only relieves symptoms, it does not cure a cold, so only take medication for symptoms you already have. Over-medicating does more damage.

Preventing The Flu

Catching the flu is miserable for anyone, but some people are at higher risk for influenza-related complications. Children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems risk hospitalization and potentially death from severe flu. It’s important to do your best to protect yourself and your loved ones. Yearly influenza vaccinations are the strongest way to ward off the flu. Anyone can get shots, but they are especially important for high-risk individuals.

Preventing Hypothermia

Hypothermia can happen quickly or slowly, even in temperatures as high as 60 degrees. Infants and the elderly are the most vulnerable. It’s important to dress warmly in layers with head, face, and hand covers. A person’s body temperature should always be above 95 to avoid hypothermia. 

Having the right health insurance can help you obtain the preventative care you need to stay healthy this winter. Let George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group LLC find the health insurance you need in Bourbonnais, IL today!