What Types of Damage Does My Landlord Insurance Cover?

In Bourbonnais, IL, landlords can talk to the agents of George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc if they have concerns regarding the insurance they have for their rental properties. Landlords must protect themselves from various types of loss, especially when it comes to damage. Two of the most common types of damage that landlords must deal with are destructive tenants and storm damage. While storm damage normally is found on the outside of the home, damage caused by tenants can be much more severe.

Destructive Tenants

This is one of the main reasons landlords go the extra mile when it comes to landlord insurance. While many repairs may be minor, there are cases when tenants do everything they can to leave an impression. This type of damage can be extremely costly and could cause extensive financial loss without sufficient insurance coverage. In some cases, the apartment or home may have to be completely renovated to make it livable again. 

Storm Damage

Another type of damage involves the weather. While you may be able to reduce your risk of damage because of destructive tenants, the weather is beyond your control. In order to keep your properties in the best possible condition, storm insurance provides you with the best opportunity to make repairs in a timely fashion.

The agents of George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc offers landlords in the Bourbonnais, IL area insurance coverage that meets their needs. If you want to learn more or simply have questions about your existing landlord policy, call and speak to one of the agents as soon as you can. Get the peace of mind you need today!