3 things you need to fix for fall on your home’s exterior

The advent of cooler weather means it’s time for Bourbonnais, IL homeowners to get started on a list of outdoor chores. While it can be tempting to just skip these jobs, at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc we’ve seen how these relatively simple outdoor tasks can save our clients a lot of money on future home repairs.

  1. Start with your yard.  As soon as cooler weather arrives, trim back the tree branches that look like they could fall and damage your home or cars. For large branches, consider hiring a tree service rather than risk doing it yourself. Once this is done, mow the grass a final time and rake up leaves that will blanket and smother the grass over the coming months. 
  2. Put away the summer stuff. Take a few minutes to store your summer toys and patio furniture. Make sure these items are clean and dry before placing them in a garage or basement. Once winter storms begin, you’ll be glad that these items aren’t blowing around your yard and potentially damaging your home.
  3. Inspect and clean your roof.  Leaves, dirt, and other debris on a roof can mix with rainwater and snow and decompose fairly rapidly.  This releases acids that will eat through your roof shingles. Clearing this stuff off of your roof can prevent high repair bills arriving in the spring.  While you’re up there, clean out your gutters and get them ready for winter snow melt.

If you’re looking to save even more money, call the agents at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc.  They have years of experience helping Bourbonnais, IL homeowners find policies that fit their budget.