Do I Need Boat Insurance During the Winter?

A lot of people who own boats think that they can get away with not putting insurance on it during the winter. After all, if the boat is going to be stored during the winter months and not used, then what is the point in having insurance on it, right? Truth is, though, it can be much more costly to drop insurance coverage and pick it back up; this is why it is best to keep insurance coverage on it all year long. For now, here is a quick look at three reasons you need to keep your boat covered by insurance protection all year long. 

1) It can still become damaged

Just because your boat isn’t out on the water during the winter months doesn’t mean it can’t become damaged. With the right insurance coverage, though, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you are protected if any damage was to occur to your boat, such as theft or vandalism. 

2) You may want to take your boat out during the winter

Sure, you may not be skiing and water tubing during the winter months, but you never know when you may want to take your boat out during the colder months of the year, especially if you enjoy fishing during the winter. Also, you never know when you may want to hook the boat up and travel to a warmer part of the country and enjoy a warm day out on the water. 

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