3 Tips to Help Save on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a requirement for drivers in Bourbonnais, IL, but like anything else, insurance can sometimes be an essential expense. Although having no auto insurance isn’t an option, there is good news. By taking the time to review and discuss your current policy with your insurance provider, there are a variety of ways to start saving on your auto insurance. Here are 3 tips to help you start saving on auto insurance.

Take the Time to Shop Around

One of the easiest ways to start saving on auto insurance is to shop around. Auto insurance premiums vary from one company to the next as well as between online payments and payments by mail or in the office. Comparison shopping will allow you to review the options available and choose the best policy for your needs as well as allow you to stay within your insurance budget.

Maintain a Good Credit Report

When you maintain a good credit report it means that your risk is lower than those with a bad credit report, so insurance companies will often offer you better rates to cover your automobile. Stay on top of your credit report by routinely checking it for any changes, especially negative reports. If you do have negative results on your credit report, make arrangements to clear your debt to help increase your credit score.

Drive an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

There are a wide range of benefits that come with practicing eco-friendly habits, including driving an eco-friendly vehicle. Many insurance companies offer special discounts for drivers who care about the environment and not only will you save on your insurance policy, but you will save on gas and reduce pollution when driving an eco-friendly vehicle. To go even one step further, consider taking public transportation when possible to help keep the mileage down on your vehicle, which may help you quality for a low-mileage discount.

Lowering the rates for your auto insurance can be done in more ways than with the tips above. For the best discounts take your time, do your homework, get several quotes and talk to your insurance provider for more information on discounts.

Residents of Bourbonnais, IL interested in reviewing their current policy or obtaining a new policy should contact George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc.


Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in the State of Illinois

Like many other states, Illinois requires all drivers to have auto insurance, and they must provide proof that they have an active policy. The state of Illinois will also send out random questionnaires so they can monitor the insurance status of every driver, and they’re meant to verify that everyone in the state has an active policy that meets with their standards. You need to have one in place so you don’t get caught off guard.

Minimum Coverage Required by the State of Illinois

To be legally covered according to the state of Illinois, you must have at least the following types of coverage:

•    Liability insurance
•    Uninsured motorist coverage

Liability insurance will cover any costs that are associated with any injuries or property damage by which others involved in the accident have been affected, and it must have the following minimum amounts:

•    $25,000 in bodily injury coverage for every individual person
•    $50,000 in total bodily injury coverage for every accident
•    $20,000 in property damage coverage

Liability insurance doesn’t cover any costs associated with your vehicle, and it doesn’t cover any medical expenses if you’ve been injured.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is meant to cover any injuries that have resulted from an accident that involved someone who didn’t carry adequate coverage according to Illinois State Law, and it can cover the medical costs of your passengers as well. According to the state of Illinois, you must have the following minimum amounts:

•    $25,000 for every person who was involved in the accident
•    $50,000 for every accident

While this type of coverage will pay for medical costs, it won’t cover property damage. Be sure to speak to an agent at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group in Bourbonnais, IL. We can help you find a policy that will meet these state-required minimums, and we’ll make sure it fits within your budget.

Additional Coverage Options for Illinois Auto Insurance Policies

Even though the state of Illinois has certain minimum requirements, you should consider getting more protection so you can be covered for additional liabilities. Many auto insurance policies in the state of Illinois will offer the following coverage options:

•    Collision – Will cover any damage to your vehicle if you have been involved in an accident
•    Comprehensive – Will pay for any repairs that resulted from damage that didn’t involve an accident
•    Medical payments – Will pay for any medical expenses that resulted from an accident
•    Uninsured motorist property damage – Will cover any damage to your car if you were involved in an accident with a driver who didn’t have insurance

If you live in Bourbonnais, IL, then you need to get in touch with someone at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. We have agents who can give you a detailed explanation on all the coverage options available. Be sure to get in touch with someone today!

Do You Need to Add A Permit Only Driver to Your Policy

In many cases where a family has a young driver, there are tons of questions that you might have. For those that are dealing with a young driver, permit drivers need to be insured as well as those that are license holders. If you are living in the Bourbonnais, IL area, the agents with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc can help you to find the right policy for all your drivers.

For those that do have drivers that only permit drivers, it is pertinent that you have them insured before they get their license, or at the very least, as soon as they pass their driver’s test. The reasoning behind this is that in many cases, as long as the permit driver is in the car of a 21 year or older driver that is insured and that has given the permit driver permission to drive, odds are their insurance will cover any accident.

It may, however, be pertinent for those that have permit drivers to go ahead and add them to the family policy just in case. This is especially in states where it is required that the permit driver does a great deal of driving before they can get their license and therefore their own policy if they wish to. Those permit drivers that are going to have to “log” hours essentially, are going to be much safer if you go ahead and add them to the policy.

Adding a permit only driver to your policy is not all that difficult, especially with the help of an experienced agent. Drivers in the Bourbonnais, IL area that are looking to add permit drivers to their policy can contact agents with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc for more assistance.