How Vacancies Impact Landlord Insurance

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How Vacancies Impact Landlord Insurance

As a Bourbonnais, IL landlord, you have a significant asset that you need to protect. Landlord insurance is an asset. Landlord insurance covers you against any losses regarding your property. You are protected if your property suffers significant damage due to a natural disaster or tenant negligence. You are also covered if the property is vandalized. Liability coverage protects you if someone is injured while visiting the property or if your tenant’s personal items are damaged due to the property’s poor condition. In the event that your property becomes totaled, you are covered during the process of rebuilding or repairing it.

You may be curious about whether the coverage protects you during times when the property is vacant. Generally, landlord insurance only covers a vacancy if your tenant unexpectedly breaks the terms of the lease. If this happens, you can add loss of rent coverage to your policy. Loss of rent coverage protects you when you are not given notice that your tenant is moving, but does not cover you if they decide to leave at the end of the lease.

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