Reliable Packing Tips from George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group, Inc

Owning a home gives you a sense of solidity and well-being and any homeowner wants to do their best to ensure the safety of their house and surrounding property. George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group, Inc provides residents of Illinois with auto, home, commercial, health, life, renters, landlord, condo and flood insurance.  They are there to provide for all of your insurance needs.

As an insurance company who cares, George Ryan also offers solid packing tips for people who are packing unused items or relocating. Here are several good tips below.

1. Get boxes from food stores

Why should you pay for boxes when you can get them from your local food store? Many food stores just throw away cardboard boxes after the items have been packed on the shelves. Just ask the shelf managers or store manager for the discarded boxes before they toss them. They will be glad to have someone dispose of the boxes for them.

2. Do it yourself

No one likes to get rid of or store unused items. If you ask any family member if they want this stowed away or that put up, chances are you will get a firm no; then you will be stuck with a pile of unused stuff cluttering up the house. Take the initiative and do the project yourself. Logically thinking, no one is going to give you a hand with it anyway.

3. Label your boxes

Packing is one thing; remembering where the items came from in the first place after you have sealed the boxes is another. Get some duct tape and paper to label which box came from where and also where it should be stored. You will save yourself a big headache when it is all done.