How often should I go in for a checkup?

So you’ve gone and gotten covered with a plan through George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. The question now is simply how often you should be going in for a check-up.

Once A Year?

You always hear that, at any age, you should be going in about once a year. That’s actually a little excessive if you don’t have any specific conditions or health concerns. If you can make the time for it, once a year isn’t a bad idea, but for most people, once every two years should be enough past the age of thirty and up to old age. At 40, a man will generally want to get his first colonoscopy and a woman will want to start going in for mammograms. But for basic physicals once every two years should be enough.

Go When Something’s Wrong

While general check-ups are only really necessary once every couple of years, you’ll want to go to your Bourbonnais, IL doctor for a physical any time something is wrong. Don’t wait for it to become an emergency. Resources like Web MD can often let you know whether that bump is just a bug bite or something worth taking another look at, but really, now that you have insurance, there’s no reason not to ask your doctor when you have unexplained aches and pains, fatigue and so on.

The great thing about getting insured with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. is that every visit to the doctor isn’t going to be a big bill hanging over your head. You’re covered, and you can see your doctor in Bourbonnais, IL any time you need to see your doctor.