4 driving rules every Bourbonnais, IL driver should master

Modern vehicles are packed with technology and safety features to keep you safe when driving. However, it’s imperative to understand that driving in Bourbonnais, IL is not a right but a privilege. That’s why you must abide by the law, buy the required amount of insurance, drive safely, and ensure every passenger in your vehicle is safe. With that said, here are four rules you must follow when driving around Illinois.

Keep to the required speed limit

Speeding only increase your chances of getting into an accident. In Illinois, you can be charged heavily for overspeeding. If you are going somewhere and need to get there on time, leave early and drive slowly and carefully to the venue. Remember, overspeeding doesn’t get you anywhere on time, and it only increases the chances of not arriving at all. Experts at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc recommend sticking to the required speed limit when driving.

Carry your license and insurance with you

Illinois road rules require every driver to carry their license to drive legally in the state. Even if you are just driving a few blocks down the street, you need to have your insurance and license with you. Failure to produce any of the documents leads to fines, license revocation, or suspension.

Stop when required to

Many drivers tend to slow down at a stop sign instead of coming to a complete stop. This can be dangerous when you are distracted or in a rush, and you may end up hitting a motorcyclist, pedestrian, cyclist, or another vehicle.

Drive defensively

Don’t always assume that people will do the right thing. For instance, some people don’t signal when changing lanes or turning, which can seriously put you in a compromising situation if you are speeding or not keeping a reasonable distance. Driving defensively means you are aware that not every driver you meet is as careful as you are. Therefore, anticipate awkward or abrupt movements and get out of the way, stop the car, or slow down.

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