How Is Motorcycle Insurance Different From Auto Insurance?

If you are in the market for motorcycle insurance for the first time, you may wonder what the difference is between standard auto insurance and motorcycle insurance. While there are some general coverage options to protect your vehicle, as a rider of motorcycles you receive other coverage based on the greater exposure to outside elements. At George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc, we want to make sure you are properly protected whenever riding your motorcycle around Bourbonnais, IL or anywhere else you might desire. 

Guest Passenger Liability Insurance

When looking at motorcycle insurance, you will find a bodily liability insurance coverage offering. As injuries are more likely to occur while riding a motorcycle, this is an important form of motorcycle insurance. However, one option that is available for motorcycles and really isn’t an option for auto insurance is the guest passenger liability insurance. This protects passengers who may ride with you, including sitting behind you on a two-person bike or in a side car. 

Lower Cost

Motorcycle insurance costs less than regular auto insurance. It really doesn’t matter on the overall value of your bike (unless it is a complete custom job, built from the ground up) as maintenance on a motorcycle is less. Your rate of causing accidents is lower than an auto driver, which reduces the cost and replacing a motorcycle is typically less expensive than what it costs for a vehicle. Plus, the add-on options, such as roadside assistance is going to be less because it is easier to tow a motorcycle into town for repairs than a vehicle (a regular 4×4 truck can assist so fewer specialty vehicles are needed). All of this points to a few different insurance coverage options and an overall lower price tag.