Recreational Insurance Isn’t Only For RVs and Motor homes

If you own recreational vehicles and toys such as jet skis, ATV’s or snowmobiles, you should have Recreational Insurance. Do not assume your homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance policies cover these recreational items. 

On The Water

Illinois provides access to the Mississipi River and Lake Michigan. If you own a small personal watercraft such as a jetski, protect yourself and your passengers against financial loss caused by injury, liability, or theft. Other watercraft drivers may be inexperienced, underinsured, or intoxicated.  If you have questions about personal watercraft coverage, ask the insurance agents at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc., in Bourbonnais IL. 

On the Land

If you ride your ATV on any highway, roadway, or traffic right of way, you must have insurance meeting the minimum requirements of Illinois. Letting non-household members drive or ride your ATV is an excellent reason to have quality insurance coverage. Insurance is available for three-wheelers, four-wheelers, UTVs, and dune buggies. You will need liability insurance if you plan to ride your snowmobile on public trails, or if you drive a moped. 

A newer type of bicycle, the electric bike or pedelec, does not require insurance in Illinois. However, since the law classifies the vehicle as a bicycle, riders are not required to pass a driver’s test. If you ride your electric bike around other pedelec riders, you should consider purchasing insurance. 

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Make sure you have reliable insurance coverage for your small recreational vehicles. Allow the insurance professionals at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. to assist you in finding the right policy for your situation. If you would like more information about Recreational Insurance, visit our Recreational Insurance webpage or contact our Bourbonnais, IL office today with your questions. We would love to provide you with a personalized quote.