Do You Need to Add A Permit Only Driver to Your Policy

In many cases where a family has a young driver, there are tons of questions that you might have. For those that are dealing with a young driver, permit drivers need to be insured as well as those that are license holders. If you are living in the Bourbonnais, IL area, the agents with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc can help you to find the right policy for all your drivers.

For those that do have drivers that only permit drivers, it is pertinent that you have them insured before they get their license, or at the very least, as soon as they pass their driver’s test. The reasoning behind this is that in many cases, as long as the permit driver is in the car of a 21 year or older driver that is insured and that has given the permit driver permission to drive, odds are their insurance will cover any accident.

It may, however, be pertinent for those that have permit drivers to go ahead and add them to the family policy just in case. This is especially in states where it is required that the permit driver does a great deal of driving before they can get their license and therefore their own policy if they wish to. Those permit drivers that are going to have to “log” hours essentially, are going to be much safer if you go ahead and add them to the policy.

Adding a permit only driver to your policy is not all that difficult, especially with the help of an experienced agent. Drivers in the Bourbonnais, IL area that are looking to add permit drivers to their policy can contact agents with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc for more assistance.