Will My Motorcycle Insurance Cover What’s In The Saddlebags?

A basic motorcycle insurance policy in Bourbonnais, IL only covers the bike itself. This means that anything that’s attached to the bike, even if it’s installed, like a new windscreen or customized gas tank, will not be covered.

But, you can get all of those accessories covered with an "add on" rider. This will cover things like new seats, custom rims, and so on, and saddlebags.

It probably won’t cover anything that’s in the saddlebag.

Whatever you have in the saddlebags, those aren’t permanent fixtures on the bike. Your maintenance tools, a change of clothes, camping gear, whatever it is, it’s something that you can easily take right out of the bag and into your home, down to the lake, wherever it is you’re headed. So that’s not going to be covered on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Those items will be covered on your home insurance policy, renters policy or condo policy, as long as they are included in your insurance inventory. These policies provide protection even when you’re away from home. So if you’re on a long road trip and you come out of your motel room one morning to find someone’s looted your saddlebags, you’re covered, just so long as you’ve included those items on your home inventory.

On the other hand, if your bike is stolen, you’ll need to file two claims: One with your motorcycle insurer, and one with your home insurer. The saddlebags will probably be covered by your motorcycle insurer, as long as you’ve purchased an add on the rider, while their contents will be covered by home insurance.

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