When Can You Claim Your Motorcycle Insurance?

Just like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement in Bourbonnais, IL. Motorcycle insurance is essential since your chances of getting an accident and suffering a severe injury on a motorbike are high compared to a car. Make sure that you have proper coverage from George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. anytime you ride your motorbike.

Typically, the type of insurance that you need will depend on how secure you want to feel every time you ride your bike and how much you want to be protected in case an accident occurs. So when can you file your motorcycle insurance claim?

When You An Accident Occurs

Since you’re more prone to accidents when riding a motorbike, don’t hesitate to conduct your insurer when you are involved in an accident. You should contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to notify him/her of the accident. However, don’t admit liability or readily offer to pay compensation to the other driver.

Taking blame will tremendously affect the insurance payout that you are entitled to. Just record the names and contact details of the other person involved in the accident and the details of the passengers as well if any. Try to come up with a clear sketch of what happened just before the accident and also take photographs of the scene after the accident.

When Your Motorcycle Is Stolen

You can also file motorcycle insurance claim if your motorcycle is stolen in Bourbonnais, IL and you have the suitable comprehensive cover from George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. Just like the accident claim, you need to file a theft claim promptly.

Some of the crucial information that you’ll need to remember is the model and year of manufacture of your motorcycle, exact place it was stolen from, the exact date and time the bike was stolen, police issued report number and the mileage of your bike. You can also file a claim when your bike is damaged or vandalized while parked.

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