What is included with landlord insurance?

Owning an investment rental property can be a great way to build long-term wealth in the Bourbonnais IL area. While there are a lot of advantages that come with being a landlord, there are a lot of responsibilities as well. One responsibility that you will have will be the need to get landlord insurance. A landlord insurance plan offers several forms of coverage that will make it a great investment for any property owner. 

Liability Coverage

One important form of protection that comes with a landlord insurance plan is liability coverage. A landlord will take on some liability risk at all times. If there is ever an accident in your home that results in injury or damage to another person’s property, you could be held liable. With a landlord insurance policy, you are going to receive a liability insurance provision that will help to protect you and mitigate this liability risk.

Coverage for Assets

Those that choose to become landlords will have to invest a lot of personal capital and take out loans to purchase their assets. Due to this, your rental property is something that you need to carefully cover with insurance. When you get a landlord insurance plan, it will give you coverage to protect your dwelling and other assets as well. This can be very helpful if there is ever a fire or it is damaged in other ways. 

If you would like to get a landlord insurance plan and you are in the Bourbonnais, IL area, you should call the George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. The team with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc understands how important it is to be properly insured. They can help any landlord assess their needs and build a plan that provides the right coverage for their situation.