Benefits of Comprehensive Insurance for Your Illinois Condo

If you are a condo owner in the Bourbonnais, IL area or are considering a move to the area, it’s time to give the team at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. a call. We are here to guide you through the sometimes confusing process of choosing the right condo insurance. We recommend that our clients understand the benefits of a comprehensive policy before they make their final decision about condo protection. 

Consider these benefits when choosing your condo insurance

With a comprehensive condo insurance policy, you will have the protection you need in the event of damage or destruction to your unit.

  • Peace of mind. It’s easy to relax and enjoy life when you know that you have the protection you need.
  • Coverage if you have to relocate. One of the greatest benefits is the coverage of alternative housing in the event that your condo becomes uninhabitable. This will be a stressful time, and knowing that you won’t have to come out of pocket for these expenses can help ease some of that stress.
  • Protection even if you don’t cause the damage. Condo owners are responsible for all damage to their units, regardless of who has caused it. If your neighbor lets their tub overflow and their negligence causes damage to your unit, you will still be responsible. It’s important that you have the proper amount of coverage for your unit to protect you should damage like this occur in your unit.

Want to learn more? Contact the team at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. today and find out how you can protect your Bourbonnais, IL area condo. We are here to help you sort through all of the available policy options and find the coverage that is right for you. 

What Types of Damage Does My Landlord Insurance Cover?

In Bourbonnais, IL, landlords can talk to the agents of George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc if they have concerns regarding the insurance they have for their rental properties. Landlords must protect themselves from various types of loss, especially when it comes to damage. Two of the most common types of damage that landlords must deal with are destructive tenants and storm damage. While storm damage normally is found on the outside of the home, damage caused by tenants can be much more severe.

Destructive Tenants

This is one of the main reasons landlords go the extra mile when it comes to landlord insurance. While many repairs may be minor, there are cases when tenants do everything they can to leave an impression. This type of damage can be extremely costly and could cause extensive financial loss without sufficient insurance coverage. In some cases, the apartment or home may have to be completely renovated to make it livable again. 

Storm Damage

Another type of damage involves the weather. While you may be able to reduce your risk of damage because of destructive tenants, the weather is beyond your control. In order to keep your properties in the best possible condition, storm insurance provides you with the best opportunity to make repairs in a timely fashion.

The agents of George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc offers landlords in the Bourbonnais, IL area insurance coverage that meets their needs. If you want to learn more or simply have questions about your existing landlord policy, call and speak to one of the agents as soon as you can. Get the peace of mind you need today!


Renters insurance in Illinois

37% of residents in Illinois rent their homes, amongst which students make up for the highest percentage. Only 44% of these renters have renters insurance. While the law does protect the residents from certain issues with the landlord, mostly are living without any protection in case a lawsuit or accident occurs. For example, the landlord could easily sue the tenant on a fire that damaged the apartment or house. One liability case is all the takes to wipe out everything you have own. The state of Illinois, just like most states, requires you to have renters insurance. The policy that your rented property owner has will not cover you for most situations. You need renters insurance to secure your assets, your family and yourself.

One reason renters don’t have renters insurance is because of lack of understanding of why renters insurance is important and because of the fear that renters insurance is going to be very expensive. Most people do not even seek a quote on the renter’s insurance and just assume it will be outside their budget. The cost of renters insurance is lower because the risk is lower for example renters typically do not have a yard or swimming pool that could potentially injure someone. Renters insurance covers personal property from fire, theft, vandalism, etc. There is liability coverage in case there is any bodily injury or property damage to someone else at your premises.

It can get a bit complicated and you should definably seek expert advice. One such insurance expert is George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. serving Bourbonnais, IL. They can guide you to how best to avoid common pitfalls in renter’s insurance and guide you to a suitable policy for your rented property. The contact information for George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. serving Bourbonnais, IL is available on the website.

What You Should Know about Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Once you’ve committed to buying life insurance from George Ryan Jr. insurance Group Inc. in Bourbonnais, IL, the next step is selecting a beneficiary. Choosing a beneficiary is an important aspect of the life insurance process as this individual will receive the proceeds from your policy. Here are some important facts you should know about choosing a life insurance beneficiary.

One or More

You can choose one or more beneficiaries for your life policy and you can divide the benefits equally or choose specific amounts or percentages for each.


Your beneficiary can be an individual such as a family member, friend or colleague, or it can be an organization/charity. By selecting a local charity, you have a chance to give back to your community after your demise. You can also designate that life benefits to be put into trust for your minor children.

Backup Beneficiary

Your primary beneficiary is your first choice for receiving life benefits when you’re gone. If this individual passes on before you or doesn’t want the benefits for some reason, you should designate a backup beneficiary for receiving these funds.

Purpose of Life Policy  

Consider the purpose of your life policy when choosing a beneficiary. If you want financial security for your spouse and family, they should be your primary beneficiaries. If you want to support aging parents, your parents should be named as beneficiaries. Choose wisely so your benefits can be put to good use and fulfill the purpose of purchasing your policy.

Keep Policy Current

Update your policy as needed to keep your beneficiary current. This ensures your proceeds go exactly where you want them to when you pass on.

To learn more about choosing a life insurance policy, beneficiary or coverage, contact George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc in Bourbonnais, IL.

Is the Life Insurance Policy Through Your Job Adequate?

Many companies offer employees life insurance. A group policy can be an excellent perk, especially if you’re single, young, and healthy. 

That said, your employer-provided life insurance may not adequately cover you and your family. If you live in Bourbonnais, IL, talk to an agent at the George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc to determine whether your employer-provided life insurance is enough coverage for you. 

What Is Employer-Provided Life Insurance?

Employer-provided life insurance is a policy offered to a group of people, like a business, instead of an individual. Your employer may pay all or a portion of your premium.

What Are the Benefits and Downsides to a Group Policy?

There are advantages to employer-provided policies. Your coverage is typically guaranteed, and usually, there is no medical exam. Enrollment into the plan may be automatic.

There are also disadvantages. Your employer owns the policy. Your life insurance coverage may stop if you are fired or quit. Additionally, most employer-provided policies provide a set amount of coverage instead of allowing you to pick a policy coverage that fits your needs.   

Do You Need More Than Your Employer-Provided Life Insurance?

The amount of life insurance you need depends on your current circumstances. If you have dependents or are married, your employer-provided policy may not provide enough security for your family. If you currently have a mortgage or co-signed debts, you may need more coverage to ensure that your loved ones can cover these financial obligations. 

There are many factors involved in determining whether your employer-provided life insurance is the only life insurance policy you need. Contact the George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc of Bourbonnais, IL today to discuss whether additional life insurance will help you and your family.

How To Stay Healthy Over Winter

With the bitter cold of winter approaching quickly, George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc wants to make sure our customers in and around Bourbonnais, IL prepare for the potential health issues this season can bring. With the right preventative measures, you could avoid, or at least lessen the effects of, health complications such as colds, influenza, and hypothermia.

Preventing A Cold

While there is no way to completely stop a cold, there are many steps you can take to lessen your risks. These steps can also lower your recovery time when you do get sick. Wash your hands often with hot water and soap and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Support your immune system by eating healthy, nutritious foods and getting regular sleep and exercise. Medicine only relieves symptoms, it does not cure a cold, so only take medication for symptoms you already have. Over-medicating does more damage.

Preventing The Flu

Catching the flu is miserable for anyone, but some people are at higher risk for influenza-related complications. Children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems risk hospitalization and potentially death from severe flu. It’s important to do your best to protect yourself and your loved ones. Yearly influenza vaccinations are the strongest way to ward off the flu. Anyone can get shots, but they are especially important for high-risk individuals.

Preventing Hypothermia

Hypothermia can happen quickly or slowly, even in temperatures as high as 60 degrees. Infants and the elderly are the most vulnerable. It’s important to dress warmly in layers with head, face, and hand covers. A person’s body temperature should always be above 95 to avoid hypothermia. 

Having the right health insurance can help you obtain the preventative care you need to stay healthy this winter. Let George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group LLC find the health insurance you need in Bourbonnais, IL today!

Who Should Invest in Commercial Insurance?

Many of us may have heard of commercial insurance, however, what this insurance does and who should invest in it may be unclear. Business owners can greatly benefit from commercial insurance. 

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is designed to protect business owners and their assets. This type of od insurance generally falls into two categories and can cover two different areas. This insurance is designed to protect other people’s property and damage as well as their own. For example, commercial insurance would include your property and office premises as well as liability insurance to cover the medical costs of others. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial liability insurance pays for court costs, settlement costs, and medical damages if you’re sued by a third party. A commercial general commercial liability insurance policy covers your business and liability for other people who may be adversely affected by your business. The George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc of Bourbonnais, IL can go over all the ways that commercial insurance can benefit your business.

How Does Commercial Insurance Benefit Your Business?

Commercial insurance can create peace of mind for any business owner, even if nothing has happened to threaten a business owner’s assets. Similar to car insurance, even if you never have a car accident, it’s still a good idea to have commercial insurance for several reasons. Commercial liability insurance will pay for any court fees you may incur if something happens and your business is being held as liable. It will also cover settlement costs as well as medical damages. For example, if someone is physically hurt at your store or place of business, or hurt by your product, commercial insurance would cover the cost of damages owed to a third party. This includes copyright infringement, for example. The George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc can explain all the benefits and advantages that protecting your business with commercial insurance can have. 

No one can predict the future. Take beneficial steps toward protecting your business by contacting George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc of Bourbonnais, IL. An agent would be happy to discuss all the different ways that this insurance can help you and your business. Give us a call. 



Does Home Insurance Cover Damage From Pests?

 Your home is at risk from a wide range of things and your home insurance policy is going to truly help you feel protected and to recover from things as they occur. That being said, there are some things that you might imagine would be covered that are not. For those that are in the Bourbonnais, IL area, the agents with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc can help you to get the right coverage for you.

Home insurance policies do not cover the costs of damage that have been caused by pests. The reasoning is that you are likely aware of the pests and this means that you are responsible for any damage that has been done. If you have pests, you are going to need to get the pests cared for before they do cause damage so that you can be sure that you are not going to have a ton of damage to care for and the home is not going to be super damaged.

Damage that is caused by pests is something that can be prevented and that can be repaired. It is not damaged like something that might come on suddenly like a storm or a fire, but rather, something that is prolonged and that does take a great deal of time to get to the point that the damage needs to be repaired. If you are afraid of pests, you can get pest insurance that does help cover some of the costs associated with the removal of pests and the repair after they have been removed.

For those in the Bourbonnais, IL area, the agents with George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc can help you to find the policy that is going to work for you and that is going to fit the particular needs of your home.

Should You Include A Teenage Driver In Your Auto Insurance Policy?

When you have a teenage driver in Bourbonnais, IL, life can be stressful. You want to make sure that they are sufficiently protected each time they get behind the wheel of your car, even if they only have a permit. This is why it’s important to explore auto insurance policies. At George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc, we can help you with all of the important details.

When to Add Your Teen

There’s a difference between adding a teenage driver to your policy versus an adult. Teens are notoriously getting involved in accidents, so they’re considered high risk. You won’t want to add your teen onto your policy until they are officially licensed. They don’t have to go onto your policy when they have a permit.

The older they are when they become licensed, the more affordable it can be for you. Often, 18-year-old drivers will be cheaper to insure than 16-year-old drivers. Good students may also qualify for insurance discounts.

Requirements by State

It’s important to understand the mandatory insurance requirements in Illinois. When you have a licensed driver living in your home, they need to have insurance. They can be on your policy or on one of their own. Most often, it’s cheaper for you to add them to your own auto policy.

If you don’t add them and they don’t get a policy of their own, they wouldn’t be covered in the event of an accident. This can lead to a significant amount of debt because of being liable for all damages and injuries that they cause.

By working with an insurance agent, you can determine when to add a teenage driver and what kind of coverage should be included.

Find out more about your auto insurance by calling George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. Our agents can help you to find a policy that will accommodate all of the drivers in your household in Bourbonnais, IL. 

How Recreation Insurance Protects You and Your RV

RVs represent good fun on the open road but they are significant investments that need to be protected.  You are required to carry insurance on your RV when you drive, just like a car.  The difference from auto insurance is that while an RV is a vehicle, it is also a residence.  The team at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc works with RV owners throughout the Bourbonnais, IL area to get them the best coverage available.  They want you to enjoy your RV and time spent exploring.  Not worrying about it or your family in case an accident occurs. 

While you can go with minimum liability insurance as required by law, this is not the best financial protection.  Your agent will discuss with you the insurance options that are available.  A comprehensive policy that also covers acts of theft or vandalism probably will make more sense.  These policies will also cover fire, weather damage and extraordinary events like damage from an animal or falling objects.  A good policy gives you peace of mind. 

Your agent can access how you use your RV and make the best recommendations on coverage.  Considerations for any policy should include the coverage for your personal possessions in the RV and any equipment such as satellite dishes or awnings.  You’ll also want coverage that protects from uninsured or underinsured motorists.  Also, if you only use the RV once or twice a year, there may be discounts available. 

That is why it is important to talk with your agent at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. In the Bourbonnais, IL area, they are the experts.  Visit the website for handy tools then call or come by.  The best time to get insurance is before you head out!