How Recreation Insurance Protects You and Your RV

RVs represent good fun on the open road but they are significant investments that need to be protected.  You are required to carry insurance on your RV when you drive, just like a car.  The difference from auto insurance is that while an RV is a vehicle, it is also a residence.  The team at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc works with RV owners throughout the Bourbonnais, IL area to get them the best coverage available.  They want you to enjoy your RV and time spent exploring.  Not worrying about it or your family in case an accident occurs. 

While you can go with minimum liability insurance as required by law, this is not the best financial protection.  Your agent will discuss with you the insurance options that are available.  A comprehensive policy that also covers acts of theft or vandalism probably will make more sense.  These policies will also cover fire, weather damage and extraordinary events like damage from an animal or falling objects.  A good policy gives you peace of mind. 

Your agent can access how you use your RV and make the best recommendations on coverage.  Considerations for any policy should include the coverage for your personal possessions in the RV and any equipment such as satellite dishes or awnings.  You’ll also want coverage that protects from uninsured or underinsured motorists.  Also, if you only use the RV once or twice a year, there may be discounts available. 

That is why it is important to talk with your agent at George Ryan Jr. Insurance Group Inc. In the Bourbonnais, IL area, they are the experts.  Visit the website for handy tools then call or come by.  The best time to get insurance is before you head out!